Elvis, Tokyo

I'm sure I left a missile around here somewhere, Kenney St, San Diego

Plane on a Pole, Rome


Seinfeld's Diner, New York

Darth Vader on Hollywood Boulevard, LA.

Knife sharpening van at OJ Simpson's house, N Rockingham Ave, LA.

Giant Dog, 978 Broadway, Albany.

Mohawk Muffler Man, 282 Great Rd, Fitchberg.

Statue of Liberty.

Hugh Mongous, Ocean Breeze Pkwy, Virginia Beach.

Coca Cola cup, Arena Blvd, Sacremento.

Baseball Bat, Slugger Museum, Louisville.

Reno Arch

Tall ships, San Diego

The Rabbit Hash General Store

Another Plane on a Pole, Pigeon Forge, TN

Idaho State Capitol, Boise

"God Bless America" statues, Miami

"Wedding, Culumbus Circus, New York

'The Big Merino'

Upside Down House, Orlando

Carousel in Châteauroux

French destroyer Maillé-Brézé (D627)

Die Hard, Knocked Up, Harry Potter

Giant Coffee Cup, 5012 W Vliet St, Milwaukee

Jet Plane, 1080 W Olive Ave, LA

Covered Wagon, 6537 E Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson

Nice Chevy, 486 Wisconsin Ave, Oceanside

Sissy the Cow, 4873 CR-V, De Forest

Big Cock

Sydney Opera House

Street View Car Sees Double

A Roman Centurion

The Colosseum

The Vatican

The Trevi Fountain

Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II

Pyramid of Cestius

Trajan's Forum

Michelangelo's David

Large Kiwi, New Zealand

Giant Sheep, New Zealand

Roman Gladiator


Amish Rush Hour, 2728 PA-208, Pulaski

Statue of Liberty Replica, Las Vegas

Car with nice hairstyle

Duck, 542 Market St, Philedelphia

Well dressed dinosaur on 5th Ave, Pittsburgh

Channel 6 Zooballoon on N 34th St, Philadelphia

Say hello to Arthur on SW Canyon Rd, Portland

Yet another Plane, 536 State Dr, LA

Giant boot, N Sabino Canyon Rd, Tucson

Entrance to China Town, 1176 Vine St, Philadelphia

Pep Boys, 20 N 42nd St, Philadelphia.

Horse & Cart, 83 Chatham St, Boston.

Trinity Church, Copley Square, Boston.

Another Amish Buggy, 3528 PA-208, Pittsburgh.

National Cowgirl Museum, Fort Worth.

Muffler Man, Dallas.

A Cowboy Fort Worth.

A Posse, Fort Worth.

Cheers Pub, Boston.

Car Wash + Half Naked Women, Dallas.

Fall in New England.

Giant steps are what you take walking on the moon.         More Google Maps fun at Virtual Tourism

The View from South-East of the Lunar Module         More Google Maps fun at Virtual Tourism

Big Green Frog, W Ohio St / N Clark St, Chicago

Tall boy, Hampton, Mn.

It's the tooth fairy, 2826 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago.

Help! My dinosaur has escaped, 3010 N Illinois St, Indianapolis.

Wisconsin State Fair Sky Glider, Milwaukee

Polishing the Streetview Lens

Google Pulled Over in Kansas

Streetview on Easter Island? Nope - 15410 W Cleveland Ave, Milwaukee

Frank Gehry's Ray and Maria Stata Center, MIT, Vassar St, Boston

Times Square at Night

Eiffel Tower

Arc de Triomphe

Arena de Nimes

The Louvre

Sacre Coeur

Notre Dame

Pompidou Centre


Art & Streetart




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